You asked, I answered!

A few days ago, I put out a call for your burning questions related to Asrian Skies. Some were easy to answer…some not so much. And one was so difficult to that I asked a reader for her input. So, without further ado…enjoy!

Are you planning on writing any more past Avery stories?
Not at this time, sadly.

Who was Chase’s mentor growing up?
Good question. I tend to believe he didn’t have one–given his background, I’m thinking his peers probably wanted him to fail, which probably explains a lot of his drive.

Everything and anything about Hadley. How he got recruited. Any broken hearts in his past?
What he tells Avery in Asrian Skies is pretty much the truth. He graduated from the Commonwealth’s military academy after not being able to afford university on his home planet of Voirs. His thesis was on the introduction of artificial intelligence in the Commonwealth Navy, but he ended up working on wing structures for experimental starships instead (he will tell you that’s not his thing!). But not for long–Elex Feye shows up a few months later and whisks him away to a life of intrigue.

And yep, there are of lot of broken hearts in his past. Hadley gives Chase a run for his money in the charm department, after all–and doesn’t have the baggage Chase does. You’ll have to read the third Asrian Skies book to see if he ever settles down.

Why doesn’t Avery leave Merritt and be with Chase?
Because unlike most of my readers, she loves Merritt. And, you know, doesn’t love Chase. 🙂

Why does everyone like Chase?!
I had to let a fan answer this one:
“Chase. Dear, dear Chase. The man is certainly complicated. He’s done some terrible things, I won’t deny it, but he cares. He has a heart. He’s gorgeous (at least in my heart) & I love how he gets under Avery’s skin. He’s not a true villain. He can be redeemed and I’m pretty sure he wants to be.”

Another reader claims it’s his “aura of power.”

All of that sounds about right!

Could there possibly be a short story about Quen – why he left, where he went, his adventures, & his growing motivation in book3?
Probably not–I just don’t know that much about him. I can say that Chase will drag a bit more of Quen’s story out of Avery in his book, and I’m pretty excited about writing that.

Will you finish Chase’s personal story?
Probably. It’s much more likely than a Quen story, mostly because I’ve got about 100 pages written already. Right now I’m trying to find a way to combine it with Katryn’s story and make it into some kind of coherent novel.

Wondering about anything else? Ask it in the comments!

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