Review: Unbroken Fire (Asrian Skies #2) by Anne Wheeler

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Shannon A. Hiner

“But I haven’t—”

given you any information. The bells grew louder, desperately clanging a frenzied warning she should have listened to earlier. Some people never changed. She was cold, shivering. Then so hot.

He tilted his head at her again and smiled, just like he had when they’d first met. “You will.”

40058062After dealing what she hopes is a major blow to the enemy, Avery Rendon has found her way home to Asria. Safe for now, she spends her time adjusting to her new role in her planet’s future and reveling in personal victories. But Asria is still under the control of the Haederan Empire, and their grip has only tightened since the invasion. When the Asrian prime minister asks her to beg the Commonwealth for help in person, she agrees. 

It’s a harrowing trip to the Commonwealth’s headquarters, one which comes to an abrupt end when her ship…

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