Some crushing writing news

I’m posting this on a Friday evening because I half want to share it, but not really. And I hope it all makes sense.

Did you know I have a secret book in progress? It’s been low-key for a few reasons–not the least of which because I had to start the entire thing over more than once–but at one time, there was actually a fourth Asrian Skies novel in the works.

Just not anymore.

See, even though I’ve been on a writing break, I’ve been pecking away at another novel that started in 2016 as a short story–what some know as The Political Officer, Chase’s short story. When Forever’s End came off Amazon and I got decent beta feedback on its sequel, I decided to try merging all three stories into one novel. New for me, it has two point of view characters–Chase and Katryn, who some of you might remember. It gives a taste of what Chase is like from his POV, explains his backstory, and most importantly, it set up Grace and her book–remember, that low-key fourth book.

Most of you don’t know Grace–heck, I barely know her–and now you never will.

Because while I was pecking away at the combined novel one day, I realized there’s just too much overlap between it and Asrian Skies–some of the same scenes are there, just from Chase’s POV–and that makes it not publishable. No one wants to read the same story twice, even when one narrator is a delightfully evil bad guy and the other is a underrepresented intelligent female scientist.

So that means no Grace. It means no Grace book.

You see, without the existence of Forever’s End or the combined novel of the three short stories, her story doesn’t make sense. Her background, her heartbreak, and her sacrifice don’t have the emotion I want the book to spark.

I’m not sure I can explain how crushing this is. Not only do I love Grace’s story and think it’s an important one to tell, I lose the combined novel–which is just plain fun to write. And once I go back and revise Faded Embers (the third Avery book), the series is over. I knew it had to happen eventually, but to have it cut short by two books . . . well, that’s just plain sucky.

The point of all this? Faded Embers will probably take longer than I anticipated. I don’t want to finish it, I don’t want to edit it, and I don’t want to publish it.

Because it’s hard to let go.


5 thoughts on “Some crushing writing news”

  1. So sad to hear this. Hugs for you, Anne. Maybe you’ll get an idea for a Lucas Rendon (Parker?) story down the line. Just like Miles V!

    {And to play devil’s advocate, EL James wrote the same story over from the male MC’s POV. I’m pretty sure it was a lot of the same scenes with the added scenes of what he was doing when not with her. Chase fans would lap this up!}


    1. It’s funny, I was thinking of that book when I decided to scrap it, for some reason thinking it’d received terrible reviews. But 91% of them on Amazon and 4-5 stars, so maybe I was thinking of something else.

      Ok, upon further research, she wrote two from his POV. Interesting. And people seem to actually love both.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Personally, I tried to read it, but couldn’t. But that was more because every second word was a swear, and I didn’t have an sympathy for him after his internal thoughts about her on the first meeting.

        HOWEVER, I do enjoy Chase’s internal voice. 🙂


  2. 😢 I don’t like these publishing rules! I, for one, would pay to read the Chase | Grace story. I think if her story resonates with you this much you should find a way to tell it because it will probably resonate with readers, too! 💕


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