Shattered Honor

Coming June 18!

Shattered Honor is a full length prequel/sequel to Asrian Skies and Unbroken Fire (yep, your interpretation is correct–it overlaps the first book, ending in a cliffhanger that’s resolved in the second). Want to read them before it comes out? I’ve got your links!

Asrian Skies
Unbroken Fire

Gareth Chase might be a model Haederan officer, but even his unshakable loyalty to his emperor can’t assuage his constant misgivings. Certain his past deeds have destined him to a hellish afterlife, he’s not happy to be ordered to his empire’s newly conquered planet of Asria to keep watch on their princess. He’s even less thrilled to find that his new charge is insolent, reckless, and defiant—and almost certainly an enemy spy.

Katryn Holt is also headed for Asria—as a hostage. But hostages aren’t usually treated like this, are they? She’s got her own cabin on the long-range starship, pleasant company—even if he is Haederan—and black-market Commonwealth coffee. But as she wrestles with her strange attraction to Rhys Linden, one thought remains—how will things change once they reach their destination?

Torn between his obligations and conscience, Chase will fight his imperial duty, no matter the cost. Trapped between her brother’s mistake and her own emotions, Katryn will fight for what seems to be a hopeless escape. But by the time the two finally meet on this foreign, war-torn planet, setting things right again may be impossible.

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