Book Review: Unbroken Fire

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After dealing what she hopes is a major blow to the enemy, Avery Rendon has found her way home to Asria. Safe for now, she spends her time adjusting to her new role in her planet’s future and reveling in personal victories. But Asria is still under the control of the Haederan Empire, and their grip has only tightened since the invasion. When the Asrian prime minister asks her to beg the Commonwealth for help in person, she agrees.

It’s a harrowing trip to the Commonwealth’s headquarters, one which comes to an abrupt end when her ship is intercepted by the Haederans in deep space. Her traitorous uncle, the former king of Asria, is there waiting for her. Worse, so is the Haederan interrogator who has haunted her nightmares for the past year. And what he wants with her now? Avery isn’t sure she wants to find out.

Alliances will…

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You asked, I answered (part 2)

For the one month anniversary of Unbroken Fire, I'm answering more questions about my books, my writing process, and Asrian Skies world! This post is one of the few I've actually scheduled, because right now I'm attending my first writing conference--the fabulous Realm Makers. What’s your world building process? Worldbuilding isn't a separate process for … Continue reading You asked, I answered (part 2)